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Gold Beads Pandora positive feedback that are saying now

Posted at 06:41 on 2014-Feb-27

New ebay selling limits may change ebay Pandora Beads:http://www.ukrailsim.co.uk/ forever New ebay selling limits Pandora Sale may change ebay forever New buying Pandora Charms UK limits August 2010, ebay has changed it's policy as just stated, that point it seems quite serious!The www is alive with reports on blogs and forums about these new ebay selling limits.It is not yet clear what effect this will have and what which sellers this will affect.If you read the ebay website it seems to claim that these new selling limits should only affect sellers with new accounts with a selling history of less than 90 days.If you read the forums and blogs you will see stories from sellers who've been selling on ebay for the past 5 10 years and have thousands of Gold Beads Pandora positive feedback that are saying now ebay has put limits on the amount of items they can sell in a 30 day period.Those who make a living selling items on ebay, this policy has the actual possibility to be devastating.With this new policy it will make it extremely hard for new sellers to start a profitable ebay business.New sellers will be on a 10 sales per 30 day period, until they begin a good selling history.It will take an awful long time to establish a selling history to choose only sell 10 items per month.This will obviously discourage many people from marketing their products on ebay, as it could take months or even years to establish enough selling history to make a decent living.



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